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First Republic
Small Business Loan

First Republic offers small business loans designed to support entrepreneurs and businesses in achieving their growth aspirations. With competitive rates and personalized service, these loans cater to diverse business needs.

First Republic embarked on a mission to revamp its small business loans by completely overhauling the website. During user testing, our team unearthed experiences that fell short of our standards. Additionally, our sales and bank managers struggled to generate leads that could eventually convert into valuable customers. This sparked the need for a comprehensive website redesign to address these challenges and provide a seamless user experience.

Project Details


  • Limited Accessibility: The loan information and application process were not easily accessible to potential applicants.

  • Complex Application: Small business owners found it difficult to understand the loan application requirements and complete the process efficiently.

  • Discouraged Applicants: The challenges in accessing information and applying for the loan discouraged potential applicants.


  • Showcase First Republic Bank's dedication to supporting Small Business Owners.

  • Emphasize the bank's commitment to simplifying the loan process.

  • Encourage Small Business Owners to consider and apply for loans.

  • Promote business growth and expansion through accessible financial solutions.


  • Brand team

  • Marketing team

  • Product team

  • Technology team

Product Vision

As a product, we wanted to position ourselves as the leading Financial Institute/Lender management platform with 3 key focus areas:

Our Customers

Alex Ramirez

Age: 28 Yrs

Occupation: Owner of a Software Development Consultancy

Background: Alex has a background in computer science and recently started her own software development consultancy firm.

Financial Situation: Alex needs additional capital to hire more developers, invest in marketing, and expand her client base.

Businesswoman in Office


  • Alex wants to grow her software consultancy and establish a solid reputation in the industry.

  • She aims to acquire larger corporate clients that require a larger team.

  • Alex wants to invest in the latest technology to stay competitive.

Pain Points:

  • Limited capital: Securing projects from larger clients often requires upfront investments in infrastructure

  • Cash Flow: Maintaining steady cash flow while expanding the business and covering operational costs is a constant concern.

Lisa Patel

Age: 45 Yrs

Occupation: Owner of an Event Planning Agency

Background: Lisa has a diverse background in hospitality management and event planning and decided to pursue her passion and open her own event planning agency.

Financial Situation: Lisa has an opportunity to expand her services into destination weddings and corporate events. However, she needs a small business loan to fund marketing, staff hiring, and travel company partnerships.

Event Planner


  • Lisa wants to expand her business and reach a broader clientele.

  • She wants to diversify her business by offering destination weddings and corporate event management.

  • Lisa is dedicated to exceptional customer experiences and building lasting relationships with her clients.

Pain Points:

  • Funding Gap: The expansion requires a significant investment that exceeds her current cash reserves.

  • Operational Scaling: Managing a larger team and a wider range of services can be overwhelming without the right resources and support.

Competitive analysis

Our in-depth analysis of the top 3 small business loans typically includes evaluating factors such as loan application process, user-friendly site, diverse loan options and terms, customer service, and overall borrower experience. 


Bank of America Small Business Loans

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 4.44.38 PM.png


  • They has a vast network of branches, providing in-person support to business owners.

  • It is a well-known and trusted financial institution.

  • Offers a range of business loan options catering to various needs.


  • Have stricter requirements for loan approval.

  • Customers find the application process complex and to be cumbersome.

Wells Fargo Small Business Loans

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 4.45.00 PM.png


  • It has a significant nationwide presence, making it accessible to many businesses.

  • Offers tailored loan solutions to meet specific business requirements.

  • Provides online resources and tools for customers to manage their loans.


  • Faced controversies that may affect its reputation.

  • Do not offer diverse loan options compare to other institutions.

Chase Small Business Loans

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 4.45.49 PM.png


  • Offers a user-friendly online application process with access to a variety of resources.

  • Provides a wide range of financial services, including business banking.


  • Faces competition from various financial institutions with similar offerings.

  • May have strict eligibility criteria for loan approval


We began by crafting a concise and well-defined initial draft of a low-fidelity wireframe. Our concept was focused on simplicity and user-friendliness. We streamlined information, created an intuitive flow, and emphasized clear calls to action. With responsive design and a strong visual hierarchy, we ensured a consistent and efficient user experience. User feedback mechanisms were integrated for user support throughout the journey, making the loan application process accessible and efficient for business owners.

Final Design

User testing played a pivotal role in the iterative design process, conducted at various project milestones to pinpoint the primary pain points within the existing version. After collecting valuable feedback, I iterated on the prototypes and subjected them to user testing. My design approach for the brand emphasized a rejuvenating, minimalist, and clean user interface, aimed at instilling trust and conveying a sense of progression to business owners.

Hero Section
Feature and value proposition section
website 2nd page
Testimonial Page
Testimonial Pop-up Page
Testimonial page
Testimonial pop up

I joined First Republic as the sole designer in a small team consisting of a Marketing Manager, an engineer, the Creative Head, and myself, focusing on Small Business Loans. During my tenure, I:

  • Transformed an idea into a tangible product by collaborating with the Creative Head and the team to shape the Small Business Loan's product vision and strategy.

  • Wore multiple hats, dedicating my time to research, design, event coordination, content creation, and pitch deck presentations.

  • Gained experience in designing and presenting pitches to stakeholders and the product team.


For our Small Business Loans initiative, we exceeded expectations by accomplishing the following:

  • Modernized UI: We introduced a sleek and user-friendly interface, simplifying the user experience and making it more contemporary.

  • Clear Communication: We crafted easily understandable, concise content to provide straightforward information to users.

  • Streamlined Documentation: We optimized loan agreements and implemented efficient documentation processes for improved clarity and transparency.

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