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People nowadays forget to track their daily water intake. In a fast-paced world where busy schedules often take precedence, maintaining adequate hydration can be challenging. Dehydration can lead to a range of health issues, from decreased productivity to serious medical conditions. To address this growing concern, I wanted to create a simple water reminder app "Aqua" a water reminder mobile app designed to revolutionize how people stay hydrated.


During my research, I found people tend to forget to drink water because of their busy work life or prefer sugary drinks like soft drinks, sweet-flavored drinks, etc. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.


Research in the Google Play Store has led me to find many other water reminder apps in the Play Store like water tracker, water drink reminder, and plant nanny but those were not user-friendly and had complex interface designs based on the multi-methodology research I conducted.

Leading Change
through Technology

I recognized the need to address these issues and provide a solution called Aqua. Aqua is a mobile app that empowers users to establish and maintain healthy hydration habits benefiting people of all ages with its user-friendly design resulting in 2x times drinking more water.

My goal was to:

  • Educate users about hydration and its dangers.

  • Set personalized goals based on age, weight, activity, and climate.

  • Regular reminders that will prevent forgetfulness and progress can be tracked. 

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Our Customers

We identified two core user groups within our target audience. The "Busy Professionals" who with hectic work lives who need subtle, convenient water reminders during office hours, and "Health Enthusiasts" users who seek customization, fitness tracking, and hydration insights from their water reminder app.

Tim, Busy Office Worker

Age: 30 Yrs

Occupation: Marketing Manager


Tim leads a busy life as a marketing manager in a competitive firm. His job requires him to be in meetings and meet deadlines all day. He often loses track of time and forgets to drink water.

A Young Man Writing


  • Stay hydrated throughout the workday.

  • Boost focus, energy, and overall health.

Pain Points:

  • Forgets to drink water due to a hectic work schedule.

  • Prefers flavored drinks or coffee over plain water

Mariam, Health-Conscious Fitness Enthusiast

Age: 25 Yrs

Occupation: Personal Trainer


Mariam is a fitness enthusiast who leads an active lifestyle. They work as a personal trainer and are dedicated to maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated to support their workouts.

Girl with Curly Hair


  • Meet daily hydration goals.

  • Enhance workout performance and overall well-being.

Pain Points:

  • Sometimes she forgets to drink water during busy training sessions.

  • She prefers natural, calorie-free beverages like water but needs reminders to stay consistent.

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis involves studying the 3 most in-demand water reminder apps to understand their features, usability, and user satisfaction. By examining competitors, we can create better user experiences and more engaging interfaces in our own apps. 


Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 1.34.21 PM.png


  • Offers a user-friendly and visually appealing interface 

  • Easy to navigate

  • Personalized water intake goals and receive reminders

  • Seamlessly integrates with Apple Health, Fitbit, and other fitness tracking apps, enhancing its usability


  • Free version provides only basic features

  • Available only on iOS, limiting its accessibility to Android users

Hydro Coach

Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 1.35.41 PM.png


  • Offers detailed statistics on water intake, including graphs and charts

  • Personalized hydration plans based on their age, weight, and activity

  • App is available on both Android and iOS devices


  • Complex interface due to the abundance of features and settings

  • Limited free version as advanced features to its premium subscription


Screen Shot 2023-09-13 at 1.36.24 PM.png


  • Straightforward design focuses on providing essential features
    Customizable alerts to set up reminders with various sounds and vibration

  • App maintains a history of water intake, helping users monitor their progress


  • Free version includes advertisements, which can be intrusive for some users

  • Lacks certain advanced tracking features available in competing apps


We developed low-fidelity wireframes to plan the app's structure and user flow. Rapid prototyping allowed us to test and refine the app's core features, including reminder settings, water tracking, and progress tracking.

Design Elements

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

Final Design
A User-centric Health driven

The Aqua mobile app is dedicated to the well-being of the users. It focuses on creating an experience that encourages and supports healthy hydration habits of all ages. Their aim is to improve overall well-being by understanding users' needs, preferences, and health goals.

Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 10.57.50 AM.png
Progress Tracking

Users can easily monitor their daily water intake and view their monthly achievements with easy navigation, helping them stay on track with their hydration goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 10.57.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 2.36.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 10.57.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 2.34.08 PM.png
Personalized Results and Goal Achivement

The app customizes daily water intake recommendations based on individual factors like age, weight, and activity level, empowering users to reach their hydration goals with increased confidence.

Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 10.57.50 AM.png
  • User-centric design and personalization are crucial for a successful water reminder app.

  • Motivational elements can significantly impact user engagement and adherence to hydration goals.

  • Continuous user testing and feedback iterations are essential for improving app usability and satisfaction.

Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 10.57.50 AM.png
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